“May has challenged our understanding of space, and what it means for the residents of a nursing home. May’s knowledge and experience has given us plenty to relfect on, and a number of constructive ideas for building homes for the elderly in the future.”

Lars Bertelsen, Head Consultant The Contractor’s Association

“An inspiring lecture, full of ‘food for thought’…The debate among the audience, which included both relatives and staff from the nursing sector, was highly thought-provoking.”.

Lene Fabricius, Learning Consultant, Social and Health School, Esbjerg

“May Bjerre Eiby spoke enthusiastically, genuinely, and earnestly, about good care for the elderly population with dementia…. Her approach can open the eyes of doctors, care staff, and relatives, and contribute to improving the care of people with dementia. I highly recommend her.””

Målfrid J. Frahm Jensen, guest editor Kverulantkatedralen in Stavanger, Norge

What kinds of topics does May cover in her talks & lectures?

Drawing from everyday examples, cases, and philosophic perspectives, May offers a lively and engaging presentation about her work and results at Dagmarsminde. May is happy to speak about any combination of the topics below, so that your presentation is suited to your area of interest.

Life for the relatives

• About living with someone who has dementia

• About letting go of fear and rediscovering a connection in the everyday with dementia

Care Treatment

• About living well with dementia – and about the philiosophy behind Dagmarsminde

• About seeing the concept of care as a simple method that is applicable in the everyday.

• About reducing the symptoms of severe dementia with care

• About classic nursing care and why it’s more important than ever

Entrepreneurial thinking within the Care Sector

• About the creation of Dagmarsminde

• About breaking boundaries, norms – and innovating the health care system

• About making innovation a part of one’s everyday mindset

Management and Resources

• About spreading the resources in a way that creates the most value for each resident

• About staff and the value of ownership, when taking a new direction

• About helping staff to develop, so that they inspire each other, keep innovating – and keep their sick days to a minimum.

Interior Spaces & Construction

• About improving the interior design of one’s current nursing home – and keeping to a budget

• About planning and designing new nursing home buildings

• About the aesthetic of care – and how care is incorporated into the interior design and decoration of spaces

• About physical spaces and people – and what happens when the room embraces the resident

Tapering off Medications

• About replacing medicine with care

• About tapering off psychotropic medication and other medications

• About eliminating side-effects

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