Who works at Dagmarsminde?

May Bjerre Eiby, nurse, founder and director

• Nursing degree and a Masters in Nursing

• Is in charge of the nursing home, and is responsible for ensuring that it lives up to its goals.

• Daily contact with the residents, relatives and the staff.

Inspired by a strong commitment to improving eldercare, May Bjerre Eiby decided to set up Dagmarsminde. She sees dementia as being one of the biggest challenges we face as a society today, and in the future. She believes that we can become better at treating dementia, if we put a greater focus on caring itself. This mindset has been May’s main motivation for establishing the nursing home Dagmarsminde, and she has been in charge of deciding everything down to the smallest detail of the planning and set-up of the nursing home. She is actively engaged in the daily care of our residents and therefore close to her staff, residents and the relatives.
May’s hope is that Dagmarsminde will contribute to a positive development within our health care system, where the most important task is to promote care and prevent illness and hospitalizations. May is driven to provide the best quality of life for people with dementia, and through this, find out more about reducing the symptoms of dementia.

Dorte Toft Bank-Mikkelsen, sub-director

• Is the director’s daily sparring partner

• Is co-responsible for ensuring that the nursing home reaches its goals.

• Has daily contact with the residents, relatives and the employees.

Dorte has been involved in the design of Dagmarsminde from the very start. She handles most of the administrative tasks, but also participates on a daily basis in the care of our residents, along with cooking and preparing the meals for the residents.

Mie Munch Nielsen

• Health assistant

Personal and professional engagement:
“I would like to make everyday as normal and calm as possible for our residents.”

Lis Frandsen

• Counselor and Stress management trainer

Personal and professional engagement:
“Through relaxation, motor skill training and daily exercises according to their ability, I try to support the residents at Dagmarsminde and the people they are.”

Rasmine Emilie Høegh Jensen

• Care partner

Personal and professional engagement:
“I aim to help the residents with dementia keep up their daily and regular activities, and activate them, both physically and mentally. This will enable them to do more and more on their own for a longer period, which in turn will allow them to live more dignified lives with dementia.”

Heidi Snedker Johansen

• Care partner

Personal and professional engagement:
“Caring, togetherness, comfort and stability. I make each afternoon and evening as cosy as possible.”

Lotte Nørreslet

• Nurse

Personal and professional engagement:
"“With my holistic approach to caring for people, along with a high level of professionalism and commitment, balanced with compassion, and eye-to-eye engagement– as a nurse, I play an important role in creating a quality and loving everyday experience for the residents here at Dagmarsminde.” ”

Helen Mie Bech

• Nurse

Personal and professional engagement:
”I want to make the residents feel like they are valuable and are loved, by seeing them, listening to them and understanding who they are. Besides that, they need to experience a sense of peace and calm, and make sure they feel that we have time for them.”

Ellen Holm Larsen

• Care partner

Personal and professional engagement:
“It's a pleasure to work at Dagmarsminde. Ensuring, as part of the night shift, that the residents know they are in safe hands, makes me happy which they can also sense.”
Tina Holm • Care partner Personal and professional engagement: “”
Mona Vedahl • Care partner Personal and professional engagement: “”

Milo Heisel Lund

• Care partner

Personal and professional engagement:

Stine Halsted Glædeshøj

• Nurse

Personal and professional engagement:
"“” ”

Cathrine Hjorth Hansen

• Nurse with a Masters in Nursing

• Ph.d.-graduate student

Personal and professional engagement:
“I am going to investigate how people with severe dementia are cared for, including many different perspectives.”
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