A good relation

Dementia is often accompanied by changes in personality. Or you can say that the personality of the loved one you know, seems to have changed. The behaviour and sense of reality of the person suffering from dementia, can seem unlogical and meaningless, and as a loved one it can be difficult to handle these challenges. The emotional and practical challenges is over time so significant, that help and support is needed.

In a lot of cases the developing stages of the symptoms, can demand that the person suffering from dementia has to move in to a nursing home.The next of kin can start letting go of their worries and instead use their energy on cozy relations with their loved one.

We believe that the good relation to people with dementia, depends on the ability to look at the disease as a string of symptoms, that gives a new way of seeing the world. We don't want to change the persons view on reality, but rather get to know it.

At Dagmarsminde we experience that our residents dementia grows smaller, according to the care we provide. As we see it - joy of life and bringing down the symptoms of dementia corrolates.
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