The Atmosphere

Dagmarsminde has its interior designed after the idea that a smaller home is better than a big institution.

The nursinghome is light and spacious. We have a view of fields and access to terraces and garden several places. We designed and decorated the house with the basic needs of people with dementia in mind.

As a resident you get a sense of the whole - a holistic experience. The private room is accessable and functional, but at the same time you also have the closeness of people in a safe environment, just outside the door. As a centerpiece in the house is the kitchen, the joint diningroom and livingroom.

Dagmarsminde is mainly furnished in retro-stylem as the 1960s and -70s will be the period most of the residents remember and have fond memories from. The art on the walls are colorful in positive nuances. Outside it is possible to relax on one of the benches and enjoy the scents and colors of the garden

We have thought a lot about the aesthetics, which we think is a big part of the care. That why we work with a lot of different moods, so the residents have a constant good feeling.We always have fresh flowers and fruit around, as we also always set the table in a nice manner, before we dine. Also - we use the influence of music throughout the day.
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